About Our Band

Adam's Attic - The Best Pop/Rock Band

Brought together by a passion for music and unity in the face of adversity, Adam’s Attic inspires listeners with an honest and open sound. From their New Orleans roots to their current home of Los Angeles, the alternative, pop/rock band has matured musically and captivated audiences on a global scale. The band of brothers wrapped their fifth international tour. “While here (New Orleans), the band proved itself to be one of the rising stars o... Read more

From Small Gigs to Big Stages

In August 2005, one of the five deadliest hurricanes in U.S. history struck the north-central Gulf Coast region destroying much of their home in New Orleans. Through the devastation, Adam’s Attic was forced out of its comfort zone and responded by bonding together and stepping out on a limb. Joe Henry, Adam’s Attic front man, said, “Some of us lost everything we had, with the exception of our music gear and some personal items; all of the ve... Read more

Rising Star in Music Industry

Becoming the first runner-up in the KTLA (Los Angeles) Battle of the Bands competition with 955 votes only slightly short of the winning bands' 959 votes catapulted Adam’s Attic. The band performed live on the KTLA Morning News for a televised viewership of 3 million plus. With the momentum gained from the KTLA competition, Adam’s Attic was propelled forward with performances and opportunities like Universal City Walk, United Way’s Walk Unit... Read more

Press Quotes

Sam Rubin, Entertainment Reporter, KTLA Morning News

"Four words. The four words being 'Best of the Week'!"

May 1, 2023
Jessica Holmes, Anchor, KTLA Morning News

"Joe, you got pipes man! You can sing; you guys were excellent. I can picture you may be selling out Staples center. It is a possibility. I like you guys very much."

May 1, 2023
Denise Anderson Bloomfield, So Cal City Kids

“I received the CD 'Can Anybody Hear Me' to review...  The one thing that really shines through are the emotional lyrics. They are so easy to relate to and like I said, the music is beautiful! It’s not often that I receive a CD to review that I know I will want to listen to over and over! I can finally say I have found one with 'Can Anybody Hear Me

May 1, 2023